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Wizardry 1st Trilogy: Story of Llylgamyn for SNES— Magic Lists

Spells in Wizardry 1— Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

Mage Spell Discipline

Spell LevelSpell NameEffectTargetWhere cast
1Fire Bolt2 d 6 + 3 Fire damage1 enemyBattle
1BlurAC bonus of -3CasterBattle
1SleepInflict paralysisEnemy groupBattle
1VisionsView map---Travel
2SlowAC penalty of +3Enemy groupBattle
2MgMissile2 d 6 Magic damageEnemy groupBattle
3Fireball4 d 6 + 4 Fire damageEnemy groupBattle
3Frost3 d 15 + 5 Ice damage1 enemyBattle
4LethargyAC penalty of +4All enemiesBattle
4Iceball5 d 5 + 10 Ice damageEnemy groupBattle
4Zap12 d 6 + 8 Magic damage1 enemyBattle
5PoisonGasDestroys vulnerable targetsAll enemiesBattle
5Inferno4 d 12 + 12 Fire damageEnemy groupBattle
6AsphyxateMay kill targetsAll enemiesBattle
6Blizzard5 d 8 + 10 Ice DamageAll enemiesBattle
6ChanceChoice of 3 boons out of a possible 6---Battle
7TeleportDirected teleport, or random teleport out of battle---Anytime
7WordOfPwrChoice of 3 boons out of a possible 7---Battle
7Nuke5 d 21 + 45 Fire damageAll enemiesBattle

Priest Spell Discipline

Spell LevelSpell NameEffectTargetWhere cast
1BlessAC bonus of -2PartyBattle
1First AidHeal 3 d 4 HPAllyAnytime
1Harm1 d 10 + 2 Magic damage1 enemyBattle
1Brighten80 steps of light---Anytime
1ShieldAC bonus of -4AllyBattle
2TrnUndead2 d 12 Magic damage to Undead targetsEnemy groupBattle
2X-RayTreasure chest opened, 95% effective---Treasure Chest
2HoldInflict paralysisEnemy groupBattle
2SilenceSilence targetsEnemy groupBattle
3MobilizeCure paralysisAllyAnytime
3ID EnemyIdentify all opponents---Anytime
3HealHeal 2 d 10 + 10 HPAllyAnytime
4PrayerAC bonus of -4PartyBattle
4AntidoteCure poisonAllyAnytime
4VigilanceLasting AC bonus of -2PartyAnytime
5GreatHealHeal 8 d 6 + 32 HPAllyAnytime
5Banish5 d 20 Magic damage to Undead targetsAll enemiesBattle
5RaiseDeadRaise dead ally with 1 HP remainingAllyTravel
5KillKill target1 enemyBattle
6Lightning2 d 40 Magic damageEnemy groupBattle
6RestoreHP and status perfectly restoredAllyAnytime
6CrippleTarget reduced to 1-8 HP1 enemyBattle
6ReturnReturn to castle while engaged---Battle
7Judgement16 d 5 + 20 Magic damageAll enemiesBattle
7ResurrectRaise a dead ally from ashAllyAnytime

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