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VoE DXAnother of my projects is Voyages of Eternity DX. It is a full-featured, modular RPG system, built from scratch with Visual Basic 6.0 using DirectX 7.0 technology. I am looking for help especially from 2-D graphic artists who would make character portraits, and monsters to show up in battles. For more information on the project, and especially if you would like to help me on it, please visit the Voyages of Eternity page.

Final Fantasy— Dawn of Souls

Mod of Balance, v3.5New! Choose your party from among 12 new classes! Removes the class change. Released on June 24, 2015!

Mod of Balance, v2.2— A re-balancing hack for both classic RPGs, making this GBA title more challenging and satisfying.

Wizardry 8

Christian Coder Mod, v2.0— Pertinent information and download links. Current version is v2.0. For those wanting a customized Wizardry 8 experience.

Info— Resources for stock Wizardry 8, including maps, item listings, and character development tips. I have endeavored to avoid plot spoiler information wherever possible.

Wizards and Warriors

Item Editor— A item editing tool for Wizards and Warriors is available! Check it out!

Ludmeister's Mod v1.1, rev. 1— This is a simple game improvement mod.

Installation guide— You can also find patches helpful in getting the game running on modern OSes.

Final Fantasy 5 Advance

Custom Classes mod, v1.5— This mod aims to improve the customization options for your party in FF5a. Jobs are opened up sooner, stats are calculated in a more natural way, and many earned passive abilities are "always on". The result, I believe, is a more fun Final Fantasy 5.

Might and Magic 3— Isles of Terra

MM3 Modding Resources— Modding resources for Might and Magic 3. I have succeeded in decrypting MM3.CC and as such, I am providing the fruits of that labor to the Might and Magic community as a tribute to them and to the legacy of Might and Magic series. I hope that this proves helpful in creating additional content for MM3.

Monster Spawn Mod, v1.0— This mod is a monster spawn mod, but is so much more. All MM3 fans should check it out.

Destiny of an Emperor (NES)

Ludmeister's Remix— This mod aims to add intrigue to the battle and tactical system. Version 3.0 was released June 3rd, 2013! Battles are more decisive, finishing faster, and tactician-heavy armies are much more effective.



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Mod of Balance, version 3.5 released!

Today I released a new version of the Final Fantasy Mod of Balance. This release is based off of the premise that a character’s accuracy should not determine how many swings they take. This required a bit balancing to pull off, but I think the result is a more fun experience. Check out the changes in version 3.5. Blessings!

— Posted on 06/24/2015 by ludmeister

Ludmeister is back!

Well, it’s taken almost two years, but after a long hiatus, I’m back and improving this site. I’m heartened and grateful for all the interest that the site has received from gamers who love the classic RPGs of yesteryear. Some of you have even contributed donations, and for that I’m most grateful, as I have come upon some hard times in the difficult current economy. However, the lack of steady employment has meant that I have been able to do some modding! So, stay tuned… in the coming weeks there should be a number of new mods (or mod versions) popping up. Exciting times are ahead…

— Posted on 06/19/2015 by ludmeister

Site issues fixed

Perhaps you’ve noticed that this site has had a few issues recently. I apologize for that, and I have fixed several. Most notably:

  • The download counter was resetting repeatedly, to the tune of every few weeks or so. The earlier implementation of this that I used was prone to that, and this should not happen anymore.
  • The news section was inaccessible for a period of time, though the recent articles were still showing up on the home page. This has been fixed.
  • A usability issue with the FF1 Hacking pages is fixed. Now, both drop-down menu bars play nicely with each other.

— Posted on 06/19/2015 by ludmeister

Mod of Balance updates released

There are a couple of major news items for me to report. A big “thank you” is in order to those of you who have played the Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls Mod of Balance, and offered me your criticism and encouragement. The results of this feedback, plus the inspiration gleaned from playing a hack of the NES version of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Negative One, are these two updates to the mod. Check out the new versions here.

Version 2.2— This is a bug-fix version, which addresses the issues and slight unbalances still present in version 2.1.

Version 3.0— Removes the class change system, and replaces it with 12 different classes, which are selectable from the start of the adventure. This will make the game play quite differently, and may breath yet new life into the GBA port of Final Fantasy.

The Weapons, Armor, and Spell listings have been updated, and may be configured to show v3.0 (as well as previous) data.

— Posted on 08/29/2012 by ludmeister

April 2012 Update Report

Greetings retro video game fans!

April has been a fairly productive month. I’ve released the fifth revision of the Wizardry 1st Trilogy mod. As I have continued to play it and document the changes (more on that later), I have tightened things up, streamlined a few more things, and most recently, increased the range of values for character attributes. This will likely be the final update, until I come up with a change worthy of an increment in version. Man, would it be nice to come up with a Item Property dialogue for items… that kind of thing might be over my head, though.

I also just released version 1.1 of Ludmeister’s Wizards and Warriors mod. As many issues as this game may suffer from, it is just fun. I have succeeded in attaching the WinDBG debugger to the game while it was running, and managed to modify a few key aspects related to skill development. I also incrementally increased the spawn rate for the monsters (though Seldom is still not too often). Set the game to “Often” for a real good challenge .

April has also seen a few site updates. Mostly I’ve been hard at work with getting the information pages up for my mod of Wizardry 1st Trilogy: Story of Llylgamyn. Check out the new pages dedicated to Characters, Magic, Items, and Monsters!

— Posted on 04/30/2012 by ludmeister