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Mod of Balance information

» See installation instructions. These instructions work for all versions.

» Credits and appreciation. I want to personally (virtually of course) thank all of these individuals for their interest and feedback concerning the Mod of Balance. This mod is what it is in part due to their creative input.

» Praise and admiration. There's been a fair amount of interest in the Mod of Balance. Here's what some people have been saying.

Important note: All of the above patches are for a stock Dawn of Souls ROM, and do not include upgrades.

Further important note: So here I am violating my own rule. Since the version 3.0 patch represents a major difference from the gameplay of Final Fantasy 1, having removed the class change which was one of the most innovative things about the game, I elected to make a version 2.2 to 3.0 patch. You may elect to apply the v2.2 patch to a stock ROM, and then apply the v2.2 to v3.0 patch at a later time if you so choose.

What does it do?

As of version 3.0, this mod creates 12 different classes, which are playable from the start of the game, and the class change event is no longer a class change.

As of version 2.0, this mod aims to improve the gameplay of both Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2.

The Final Fantasy 1 mod was originally intended to restore the difficulty of this GBA version of the game to the difficulty of the original NES version, so it can be enjoyed with all of the modern trappings of the GBA version. Version 2.0 was a step beyond the previous one, and was intended to provide enhancements to the gameplay and address user critcisms of version 1.2. The current version (v2.2) is mostly a bugfix version.

The ambition behind the Final Fantasy 2 edits are simple: "unbreak" the character development mechanics. The GBA version already fixed the select-action-cancel-action-and-gain-skill-ad-nauseam bug, but still required players to grind in all the wrong ways. Unlimited actions should increase slower than actions that are limited by mana or resources. I hope I have succeeded in making Final Fantasy 2 play much more smoothly. Secondarily, weapons were much too underpowered in the endgame as enemy defense rendered them mostly useless versus spells. Warrior-heavy and magic-heavy party builds should have the potential to be equally successful.

More specifically:

Version 3.5 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • There was a bug in version 3.3 with the Remedy item. While it cure the Petrify condition when used in battle, you could not use it in the status screen. This has been fixed.
  • I rebalanced the way multiple strikes are awarded to characters. Up until v3.3, every character gained an attack (or fistic martial artists) every 32 in Hit Rate. This had the annoying side effect that the most accurate warriors were also the fastest. Now, the number of attacks is determined by Agility and character Level, and the individual class:
    Calculate x = Agility + ( Level/2 )
    Then, based off of the character class, x is augmented. Then every 16 points yields an extra attack (or every 8, if the character is a barehanded Monk or Master).
  • Based on the above change, Hit Rate is now independent of number of strikes. This allows for accurate bruisers who are slow, and fast but wildly swinging glass cannons. Therefore, Hit Rate was rebalanced for all classes. The Ranger, which had no distinguishing characteristic before, is now the most accurate class.
  • The attack-bonus-for-characters-which-wield-weapons bonus has been realigned. Now, every class is given a strength ratio, which is applied to their strength whenever a weapon is equipped:
    Calculate Attack = Weapon Power + (Strength * Class Strength Ratio)
    This strength ratio obviously does not apply to any character who is barehanded, including Monks and Masters.
  • All character classes begin with a fair bit more HP, making the early game learning curve a bit less daunting. However, all characters gain less HP and MP at level up.
  • With all of the above edits to the game mechanics, it seemed good to rebalance the stats for many of the monsters. As such, monster HP bloat has been moderately reduced, especially for random encounters.
  • All offensive magic has been toned down a bit, to account for the lower HP stats throughout this version of the mod. Most notably, the Destroy spell only does 1000 damage (down from 1500).
  • Stamina has been made more important, as a stat: it gives all characters a persistent bonus to Defense! The Master's persistent Defense bonus is still the same, but for all other classes, they gain 1 point of Defense for every 4 points of Stamina above 16. In other words, they gain their first point of Defense at 20 Stamina, and then gain a second at 24 Stamina, a third at 28 Stamina, etc. This is a minor buff, but will be felt by mid-to-late game heavy fighters, and especially Paladins and Battlemages.
  • Weapons and Armor have been subtly tweaked yet again. Only weapons that affect the Agility stat have the possibility of increasing the number of strikes, again, because Hit Rate is now independent of this.
  • Made the equipment shops a bit more interesting, especially in Crescent Lake, Gaia, Onlac, and the Caravan, but Elfheim and Melmond have been subtly tweaked. Late game equipment shops in Whisperwind Cove also now should sell many of the most rare items.
  • The starting stats for all character classes have been modified. Also, Hit Rate has been rebalanced, and classes have been assigned a "Strength Ratio" and a "# of Hits ratio", as follows:
Starting stats+ Every 4 LevelsClass properties
Class HPMPStrAgiIntStaLuckHit Rate Hit Rate Strength ratio# of Hits ratio
Knight 600155112736 12 19/8
Rogue 560714161240 10 5/85/4
Master 630107811444 14 1/27/8
Paladin 728137715232 11 3/41
Ninja 485815521535 8 1/29/8
Ranger 6510109810850 16 5/81
Enchanter 4515612105920 7 1/21
Battlemage 55121231013630 13 3/49/8
Monk 7516710961028 9 11
Priest 5020921411425 9 5/87/8
Archmage 4225391531015 6 1/27/8
Sage 4022261261412 4 1/23/4

Known Issues in Version 3.5

  • The Character Class select screen does not display well, but is clear of all show-stopping bugs. The last 6 classes (Paladin, Ninja, Master, Ranger, Priest, and Battlemage) do not display correctly, either as avatars or in the list. I'm afraid these display errata will require some serious ARM7 assembly chops to fix, and I'm not sure I have the time or inclination to fix them... of course, that may come later, or maybe someone intrepid enough will pull it off themselves. At any rate, when selecting your class, pay attention to the description at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the Bestiary, the traveling music and battle music play simultaneously.

Version 3.5 Screenshots

Screenshot 1

Version 3.3, revision 2 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • Fixed a rather nasty display bug in the status screen, which could cause panic when your first character gets more than 255 Magic Resistance. The bug was cosmetic; that character would still utilize their full MR for resisting melee status effects and magic damage.

Version 3.3, revision 1 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • The incessant "menu song" has been removed! When you go into your status screen, the music will not change. A slight annoyance in this changes is that if you go into the Bestiary, the battle music for that monster will play over the current music, but (IMHO) opinion that's a small price to pay for having the menu song removed.
  • The Soul of Chaos dungeons have been exhaustively looked through to make the rate of encounters less cumbersome in some tedious floors, and more frequent in some floors (like floors that are full of lava, because you can't be attacked while in lava).
  • A character's Magic Resistance stat has been overhauled a bit again. First of all, the 255 MR cap has been removed.
  • Second, when a character increases in Luck (whether via level up or by using a Luck Plus item), that character's MR is also increased by 1.
  • Third, a character's Magic Resistance (as well as Hit Rate!) goes up rhythmically, on a 4 level cadence. Before, each character increased HR and MR by a flat rate every level. This table shows the modified increases, every 4 levels:
Class Starting MRMR increase per 4 levelsHR increase per 4 levels
  • Fixed a bug with the Elven Balm item, which was introduced when I changed the formula for calculating magic healing power. It was using bogus data for the Intellect value... now it uses the leader's Intellect for determining healing strength.
  • The Magic Resistance of a few Soul of Chaos bosses (most notably the ones in Earthgift Shrine) was too low. This has been tweaked slightly.
  • The Basilisk now drops a Remedy (was dropping Holy Water; didn't make sense after I repurposed the Gold Needle).
  • The Paladin can now equip an Angel's Ring (as can the Master).
  • The Clarity spell effect has been bound to the Protect Ring.
  • Elfheim and Crescent Lake's item shops now sell the correct number of items.
  • The Destroy Spell now costs 33 MP, and X-Zone costs 35 MP.
  • Qi Strike has been toned down a little bit. Base chance to hit was 210 before, now is 180. Its MP cost is now increased to 25.

Known Issues in Version 3.3, rev. 1

  • The Character Class select screen does not display well, but is clear of all show-stopping bugs. The last 6 classes (Paladin, Ninja, Master, Ranger, Priest, and Battlemage) do not display correctly, either as avatars or in the list. I'm afraid these display errata will require some serious ARM7 assembly chops to fix, and I'm not sure I have the time or inclination to fix them... of course, that may come later, or maybe someone intrepid enough will pull it off themselves. At any rate, when selecting your class, pay attention to the description at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the Bestiary, the traveling music and battle music play simultaneously.
  • The Item 'Remedy' will not cure Petrify condition, if used in the status screen. It works properly in battle, however.

Version 3.3 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • Weapons that strike at an opponent's weakness now increase their wielder's effective Hit Rate by 15 (previous bonus was 40). They also increase their wielder's effective Attack rating by 3x/2 (previous bonus was +25).
  • Magical healing now stairsteps like attack magic; it increases in power every 2 Int points. As such, all healing magic has been rebalanced.
  • Modified the algorithm for debuff spell effects. It is inneresting to note that Slow, Focus, and Dispel still will not follow this rule. Of course, all debuff spells and all debuffing monster attacks have been rebalanced.
    • The old algorithm was x = (Spell Power + 148 - Monster's Resistance). x is increased by 40 if target is vulnerable to spell; and decreased by 148 if it is protected versus it. Then, a number is rolled between 0 and 200, and if the random number is less than x, the spell succeeded.
    • The new algorithm is x = (Spell Power + (2 * Int) - Monster's Resistance). x is increased by 50 if target is vulnerable to spell, and decreased by 100 if it is protected versus it. The same roll of 0 to 200 applies, with the same rule of success. Note, that it is possible to still be affected by a spell that you are protected against!
  • Exhaustively rebalanced the Monster's Magic Resistance stat; it seemed that many enemies had much too much Magic resistance. However, not every monster got a nerf to MR... ! Generally, the earlier monsters received nerfs, but several later monsters were strengthened.
  • Characters should now correctly resist the monster's condition-inflict attacks. This was due to a byte in the monster's descriptions that was a mystery to me until now. Some monsters, however, have piercing status infliction, and only Magic Resist will help you against them!
  • Fixed a bug with my implementation of Esuna when using it in the status screen. It used to only affect the first three characters.
  • Fixed a lingering bug with the Mute spell, whereby it also paralyzed its target. As such, it has been added back into the mix for certain monsters to cast...
  • Some monsters now inflict conditions, where they didn't before. You might find yourself fearing different monsters...
  • The Blind, Silence (Mute), and Paralysis conditions are now persistent after battle... you will be forced to deal with them and cure them yourself!
  • Sleeping at an inn will now cure all maladies except Stone and KO.
  • Blind is a more serious malady than before; it used to levy a -40 penalty to the sufferer's Hit Rate. Now, it halves their Hit Rate. If that weren't enough, it also causes the character to take 50% more damage from enemy melee attacks (just like if they were asleep or paralyzed)!
  • The Rally spell has been renamed to Clarify. This is a single-target only version of the spell that it was before (cures Blind, Paralysis, Sleep and Silence). It can be used in the status screen. The Mind Balm item, which is bound to Clarify's effect, can now be used in the status screen as well.
  • The Remedy item didn't cure Stone before. Now, it acts like an Esuna spell.
  • In v3.2, the Gold Needle acted just as the Esuna spell did, and this was a bug (an oversight on my part). The Gold Needle has been removed from the game; in its place is the Holy Water, which yields a Diara effect.
  • Because there are only two known remedies to the Stone condition (Esuna, and the item Remedy), Remedies have been made more common; they are sold in Elfheim and Crescent Lake. The Vivify spell may also counteract Stone. Correction: I was wrong, Vivify does not counteract Stone. And, it only recovers status when used in battle, but it does heal every condition outside of Stone and KO.
  • Powered up the Nuldeath spell, and renamed it to Nulmagic. It protects the party against all magic excepting Fire, Ice, and Lightning.
  • Changed the Nulall spell to a single target HP Max spell, named Vivify. Curaja, by contrast, is now simply a more powerful version of Curaga which can now also be cast by Monks. Curaja also is much less costly to buy.
  • The Hold and Invis spells have been removed. Invis has been replaced with Meditate, which is a caster-specific buff to Attack and Accuracy, available to Monk, Master, and Priest. Blind is now a 3rd level Black spell, and in the 4th spell level, Qi Strike has been included. It is usable by Ninja, Monk, and Master, and is a death strike that has no resistances that protect against it. In other words, only the target's Magic Resistance can help them!
  • The level 8 Black spell Kill spell has been replaced with the Destroy spell. Instead of being a high-powered death spell, it does an automatic 1500 damage to any enemy, bypassing resistances (even to your allies!)
  • Flay can now be cast by Battlemages.
  • The Saber spell has been renamed to Enchant, and may now be cast on any member of the party. Invisara has been renamed to Vanish.
  • The MP Cost of many spells (especially Cures and Debuffs) have been tweaked.
  • A few minor tweaks to where spells are sold have been introduced, since the Monk-based spells have been tweaked.
  • The Master has been given a new Spell Level progression, due to being able to use a level 3 and a level 4 spell. That progression is now 5/ 10/ 15/ 20.
  • Fixed the Priest's bonus attack power, as in v3.2 the Priest got the Knight's attack bonus!
  • The Devil Wizard has been given a significant nerf to its Agility, and now casts Quake first, then Flare. You now have a small hope of victory when three or more show up.
  • Unicorns now have 40 Intellect; that's down from 50.
  • The Holy Dragon now has 37 Intellect, that's down from 50.
  • A few (very minor) changes to monster AI, to accommodate the new spell roster.
  • The moderately rare Neochu has been powered up significantly.
  • The Giant's Glove now casts Meditate, and not Pummel as before. The Lightbringer now casts Nulmagic (not Blind), and the White Robe casts Protera (not Nulmagic). Finally, the Murasame casts Qi Strike!
  • The Ragnarok, and especially the Excalibur, now are effective against fewer creatures (don't worry, it's still a lot!).
  • The Master can now equip the Ribbon.
  • Garland now drops a Scimitar (he used to drop a Broadsword). Paladins can equip the Scimitar.

Version 3.3, Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Version 3.2 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • Converted 6th level White Magic spell "Stona" to "Esuna". This spell is a super-powerful Rally spell, which can cure all maladies (excluding KO) currently sffecting all party members. It can still be used anywhere, for 20 MP.
  • Paladins can now cast 6th level spells. Their new spell progression is 4/ 8/ 14/ 19/ 26/ 34.
  • All normal Final Fantasy 1 Fiends have been given an HP boost to make them more challenging. You'll need to be able to withstand a couple more rounds of damage to win.
  • Several classes have been awarded an attack power bonus when wielding a weapon. The old attack bonus was +5 for Knights, Monks, Paladins, and Battlemages. Now...
    • Knights and Monks gain + (lvl / 4) + 8. Bonus ranges from 8 to 32.
    • Paladins and Battlemages gain + (lvl / 8) + 6. Bonus ranges from 6 to 18.
    • Rogues, Rangers, and Priests gain + (lvl / 8). Bonus ranges from 0 to 12.
    • Masters, Ninjas, Enchanters, Archmages, and Sages still get no bonus.
  • The Ninja has been granted the Monk's unarmored bonus. It will operate differently for the Ninja than the Monk though, since the Ninja's stats are much more disparate than the Monk's.
  • Gave the Enchanter and Battlemage a couple of strong MP gains early on to give them a magical boost over against the secondary fighter classes.

Version 3.0, Revision 2 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • Significantly increased Gold rewards for defeated creatures. There will be enough gold to make some additional weaponry purchases and the like, especially if you take a Master along happy wink face
  • Changed the algorithm that drives strong HP and MP increases. A strong HP gain yields (STA / 4) + 5 to 15 HP (changed from STA / 4 + 8 to 13. A strong MP gain yields (INT / 4) + 0 to 6 MP (changed from INT / 4 + 7 to 9), and a weak MP gain yields (INT / 8) (down from INT / 4)! Therefore, strong HP gains show more variance, and MP gains are about half as much as they used to be! Lower level characters, and especially those with low INT scores, will feel the MP pinch. Don't expect your Master to gain many MP, ever.
  • Sages spell level progression was unduely harsh in revision 1. It is now 1/ 4/ 8/ 12/ 19/ 25/ 33/ 42.
  • A couple of spells were tweaked:
    • Dia now costs 7 MP.
    • Pain now costs 6 MP.
    • Aero now does a bit more damage.
  • One minor (albeit helpful) treasure chest swap.

Version 3.0, Revision 1 changelog

Final Fantasy 1

  • Almost all character sprites have been modified, and now look much more like members of their professions!
  • Rebalanced classes due to feedback. New starting stats and level up changes are tabulated below.
  • The Sage also receives a new spell level progression: 1/ 4/ 9/15/21/28/38/50. The Sage was admittedly wildly overpowered in v3.0, and now will not steamroll the opposition so easily.
Class HPMPStrAgiIntStaLuck Level up bonus per 8 levels
Knight 3502451165  
Rogue 32013161615  
Monk 451281211712  
Sage 20252615418 -2 Int, +1 Luck
Enchanter 251081313511 -1 Str
Archmage 302241016612  
Paladin 4051878201 +1 Agi
Ninja 2759185220 +1.5 Int
Master 33012106159  
Ranger 36814108119 +1 Sta
Priest 282010318125  
Battlemage 2410124121012 +1 Sta

Version 3.0, rev.1 Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Version 3.0 Improvements over version 2.2

Version 3.0 represents a major change in the gameplay of Final Fantasy 1, in that you can choose any of 12 classes at the start of your campaign. No class change happens. This allows for a much wider variety of gameplay experiences, and removes the impetus to sprint through Earth Cave, get the Canoe, punish yourself in Ice Cave, get the Airship, then canoe/fly to Castle Ordeals at a severely low level to class change as soon as possible. After class change, the rest of the game seems somewhat anti-climactic from a difficulty standpoint. This version attempts to address this pet peeve of mine and smooth the rather forced difficulty curve.

Final Fantasy 1

  • Your four party members may choose from among 12 classes now. They will not change classes throughout your adventure. A short description of those 12 classes are as follows:
    • Primary Warriors— These classes focus almost entirely on physically dominating opponents.
      • Knight— Excellent equipment. Strong attack and defense, moderate speed. No magic.
      • Rogue— Supremely fast. Decent defense, excellent luck-based magic resistance. No magic.
      • Master— Tremendously powerful while unarmed. Constant defense bonus. Very low magic resistance. A few Monk-based abilities.
    • Secondary Warriors— Above-average fighters with supplemental magical capabilities.
      • Paladin— A holy Knight. Highest defense. Slower than Knight, but casts healing magic.
      • Ninja— Very fast. Decent with attack magic. Low defense, but evasion is high. Low magic defense.
      • Ranger— Good at all tasks, but excels at nothing. Slightly better at fighting than casting.
    • Secondary Warriors— Above-average casters with at least one glaring physical weakness.
      • Enchanter— Offensive physically (speedy and lightly armored), but specializes in healing and buffing allies.
      • Battlemage— Defensive physically (heavily armored and slow), but casts offensive attack magic and warding magics.
      • Monk— Best unarmored (but a cloak always helps). Decent with weapons or unarmed, and is quite effective with many types of magic (excluding most direct attacks).
    • Primary Spellcasters— Their magic is extremely powerful, but have serious physical limitations.
      • Priest— These casters keep their allies alive. They are defensive specialists.
      • Archmage— They can cause serious pain to their enemies. They specialize in area-effect attacks.
      • Sage— They can cast almost all known spells, but are exceptionally frail due to their single-minded magical focus.
  • Obviously, the game has been seriously rebalanced, yet again, due to the all-encompassing nature of modifying almost all existing classes. Each class, obviously, has its own equipment preferences, spell lists (or lack thereof), beginning stats and level-up stat progressions, and the like. The Weapons, Armor, and Spell listings have been updated, and may be configured to show v3.0 data.
  • Some items found in treasure chests have been moved, to rebalance the game.
  • A few items have been tweaked. In particular, all Armlets have been replaced.
  • Bahamut's reward, replacing the Class change, is instead a +50 HP bonus for all party members.
  • The 6th level Black magic spell, Quake, now does earth damage instead of dealing instant death. The enemy's Earthquake ability is still instant death, however.

Known Issues in Version 3.0

  • The Character Class select screen does not display well, but is clear of all show-stopping bugs. The last 6 classes (Paladin, Ninja, Master, Ranger, Priest, and Battlemage) do not display correctly, either as avatars or in the list. I'm afraid these display errata will require some serious ARM7 assembly chops to fix, and I'm not sure I have the time or inclination to fix them... of course, that may come later, or maybe someone intrepid enough will pull it off themselves. At any rate, when selecting your class, pay attention to the description at the bottom of the screen.

Version 3.0 Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6

Version 2.2 Improvements over version 2.1

Final Fantasy 2

  • The times that spells become available should be more balanced. In particular, Berserk, Toad, and Blink are available later, and Slow, Sleep, and Haste are available more soon.
  • The extremely rare spells Break, Stop, and Confuse are not as rare anymore.
  • A few spell shops have been tweaked. Most notably, Blink and Fog are no longer for sale. Sleep and Slow are now purchasable, Haste is available in shops, and very late in the game you may purchase Osmose. Sleep and Slow sell for much less than they used to be, to compensate for this.
  • Sap is now more powerful than Osmose. As it should be...

Final Fantasy 1

  • The Mute spell was confirmed to not silence characters, but paralyzed them instead when enemies succeeded in affecting them. Thus, the Mute spell has been removed from all enemies' AI.
  • The Load game screen only showed 3 HP/MP digits. It now shows 4 HP/MP digits as it should.
  • A group of monsters consisting of 2 Death Machines and at least 2 Prototypes would overflow the 16-bit Experience reward, and would therefore yield a paltry amount of experience. The Experience rewards for these two enemies has been adjusted to sidestep this bug.
  • Speaking of the Death Machine, it has been renamed for all you nostalgic types... to WarMECH.
  • WarMECH is now encounterable on the fifth floor of Tiamat's Floating Castle. Again.
  • Soul of Chaos enemies now award slightly more experience. Big Eyes give more EXP and gold.
  • The Sahagin Queen is less likely to use Acid Rain (that's deadly to a 35th level party). The Devil Wizard has less Intellect. Their Flare was just too wicked before... Also, the Skuldier is less cowardly than before (it's undead after all).
  • Stat items now only increase their respective stats by 1. No more reloading to get +2 or +3 bonuses... sorry power gamers
  • A bug with Intellect was determined in which equipment was able to increase Int over 255, overflowing its byte. This has been fixed; Intellect is properly capped at 255.
  • Evasion is now gained at a rate of +1 per level for all characters. Before, Evasion would increase at level up ONLY if they had also gained Agility that level; the net result is characters would not gain Evasion if they didn't gain Agility, but would get +2 to Evasion if Agility increased. Of course, the Speed Plus only increased Agility (and not Evasion). This change will result in characters achieving a slighly higher Evasion score.
  • The Inn now properly heals party members by +9999 HP/MP. The Cottage has the same effect as sleeping at an Inn. Tents now heal +400 HP and restore +150 MP (Was +200/+50), and Sleeping Bags recover +200 HP (Was +100).

Known Issues in Version 2.2

  • No known issues!

Version 2.1 Improvements over version 2.0

Final Fantasy 1

  • Sidestepped the Protera bug as found by Vertigo 1. When a monster casts Protera and there are more than 6 monsters present, it caused the game to freeze. Dark Fighters now may only appear in groups of six or less.
  • Many weapons and armors are re-valued. In almost every case, this resulted in lowered purchase prices (and selling prices). Purchasing equipment should be less tedious, while still requiring players to manage their resources.
  • Fixed a couple of textual display issues. When a character is paralyzed during battle, their name renders as "Stunned" rather than "Paralyzed" so you can see the character's HP. Also fixed is the battle Equipment listing displays the item quantities clearly.
  • After casting the Comet spell, the caster now returns to the party lineup properly. Finally cracked this bug

Known Issues in Version 2.1

  • When loading a game from the Final Fantasy 1 title screen, the fourth digit of each character's HP and MP is shaved off.
  • When an enemy casts a Mute spell, it does not actually silence characters but paralyzes them. This is due to lack of coding on the part of the developers.
  • A group of two Death Machines and more than one Prototype overflows the 16-bit Experience reward, which means the experience reward for such a battle is much lower than expected.
  • Death Machines are not encounterable in Tiamat's Floating Castle, Floor 5, as they should be.
  • Inns only recover 999 HP/MP per stay.

Version 2.0 Improvements over version 1.2

Final Fantasy 2

  • Weapons and magic levelling are hopefully balanced now. Magic is easier to level, weapons take a fair bit longer.
  • Practicing a weapon or spell always increases a character's skill, even if the monster attacked is significantly weaker than the character.
  • Fixed a display bug concerning the number of hits connected when a character is using a shield.
    • If a character used a weapon in their primary hand, and a shield in their secondary hand, they struck with the shield, and if they hit did no damage. This has been corrected.
    • This bug still is in effect if the character uses a weapon in their secondary hand, and a shield in their primary hand.
  • Monsters take double damage if vulnerable to a spell's element. This is reduced from x4 damage. Don't worry, this is still *plenty* of damage.
  • If an elemental weapon strikes a vulnerable monster, its Attack rating is increased by 25 (increased from 20).
  • If a weapon which has an affinity for damaging a specific family of monster hits that kind of monster, its Attack rating is increased by 25 (increased from 20).
  • Strength increases more often. The chance was (number of "fight" selections / 45), and it is now (number of "fight" selections / 32).
  • Agility increases are more regulated- more likely early in the game and less likely later on. Before, a random number was rolled between 0 and 255, and if that was lower than a fourth of the character's Evasion, Agility increased. Now, the random number rolled is now between 0 and 250, and the Evasion is a little less important in determining increase. Base chance to increase Agility is 2.0%, and maximum chance is 6.8%.
  • Intellect increases more often. The chance was (number of black magic castings / 25), and it is now (number of black magic castings / 16).
  • Spirit increases LESS often. The chance was (number of white magic castings / 15), and it is now (number of white magic castings / 20).
  • MP increases more often. The chance should be about 25% more likely than it was before.
  • When a character gains HP, the increase is halved. The increase is (STA / 2).
  • Magic evasion gains take a bit longer. The threshold to gain Magic evasion was 99, and it is now 159.
  • Characters start with different stats.
  • NPCs also begin with different stats, and should be more balanced with the party when you meet them. Leon and Gordon also join the party already equipped with spells.
  • Weapons, armor, and spells have been rebalanced. Enemy direct damage spells will be a bit more dangerous and require more planning to thwart.
  • Monster stats have been modified slightly to moderately. Expect that the final bosses will not go down with a couple of well-placed elemental spells.

Final Fantasy 1

  • Samurai is recast as a Rogue. Their arsenal has changed slightly, but still cast the same spells (except Slow has been swapped in for Blizzard). Of course Ninjas are still the same old Ninjas
  • There have been several slight tweaks to the starting stats and early level ups for each class. In particular, I felt that Red Mages received no love in early level ups, and so I fixed this.
  • Accuracy equation has been changed slightly. It is now:
    • Attackers Accuracy - Defender's Evasion + 120 = chance to hit out of 161.
    • The chance to hit is 10% minimum, and 90% maximum.
    • The base chance to hit is 75%, ie when Attacker's Accuracy and Defender's Evasion are equal. This is increased from 67%.
  • Spells that grant bonuses to Attack and Defense are now limited in their stackability. The cap on the bonuses was 255 before, now the cap is 50. No more one-shotting Soul of Chaos bosses.
  • Damage spells inflict much more randomized damage. Damage is between 1/2 to 3/2 of spell's base power, before applying resistances. Luck and Intellect play an even larger part in the equation. Of course, this goes for enemies and allies.
  • The status screen now shows a character's number of strikes per round and their magic defense.
  • The chance to be attacked in several dungeons has been tweaked slightly.
  • Chaos Temple level 5 now has very interesting, dangerous, and rewarding encounters.
  • Astos' Northwest Castle now has numerous Undead-themed random encounters. No walking around this haunted castle with impunity!
  • The Sages' Staff has been realigned, and is now a White Wizard only staff named the "Holy Staff". It is pretty awesome, and it *is* rare.
  • The more powerful restorative items have had their prices increased dramatically.
  • Staves in general are more useful. Defensive type weapons give bonuses to Evasion.
  • Elixirs and Megalixirs drop less often.
  • The Paladin can now cast Curaga.
  • The Hermes' Shoes now cast Haste as advertised. This was an issue in v1.2, as they used to cast Temper.

Known Issues in Version 2.0

  • In the Chaos Shrine at the very end of the game, you can run into a patch of enemies that contains Dark Wizards, Dark Fighters, Death Knights and Black Knights. Unless you get the first move and knock out some of them, one of the Dark Fighters will cast Protera on all the enemies. When this happens, the game locks up and crashes. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • The Equip screen in battle does not display the item quantities clearly.
  • After casting the Comet spell, the castor returns the party lineup, and steps back yet again.

Version 2.0 Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6

Version 1.2 Improvements over version 1.0

  • Made some adjustments (mostly minor) to where monsters appear during the game.
  • Made minor adjustments to the AI of various monsters. For instance, Goblin Guards now cast some magic and Yellow Ogres don't run as often.
  • Shops completely realigned. Many shops sell more than five items!
  • Revamped the game's basic To Hit algorithm. It is generally more difficult for characters to hit monsters and for monsters to hit characters now. There is a minimum hit rate of 5% and a maximum hit rate of 95%. The ACC statistic is very important now for fighters, making Samurai very effective combatants!
    • The old algorithm: Attacker's ACC - Defender's EVA + 205 = chance out of 201 to hit
    • The new algorithm: Attacker's ACC - Defender's EVA + 108 = chance out of 161 to hit
  • Comprehensively reworked all monsters ACC and EVA ratings, and realigned the EVA statistic for all Character Classes. Obviously, Samurai and Monks are the best at evasion!
  • Revamped the game's Monk's defense algorithm. Monks now receive a defense bonus if no armor is equipped, based on several statistics. Masters receive a constant defense bonus, based on those same statistics. Specifically:
    • Monk/Master old algorithm: Armor (STA/2) + Helm (STA/8) + Gloves (STA/8)
    • Monk new armor rating: (STA/2) + (STA/8), or Armor equipped
    • Monk new helm rating: INT/4, or Helm equipped
    • Monk new gloves rating: AGI/4, or Gloves equipped
    • Master new armor rating: (STA/2) + Armor equipped
    • Master new helm rating: (INT/8) + Helm equipped
    • Master new gloves rating: (AGI/4) + Gloves equipped
  • Minor changes to the Character Classes starting stats and developmental curves.
  • Removed the 255 damage per hit cap in the code.
  • Soul of Chaos bosses now correctly award experience; they didn't in version 1.0 due to a hard-coded conditional check.
  • Golden and Silver Apples, and Soma Drops now correctly increase max HP or max MP as expected when the user's maximum is over 999.
  • Characters kneel in battle when they have less than 1/5 HP. Previous condition was less than 1/10 HP.
  • White Mages and Monks gain a 5 ATK bonus when using weapons.
  • The White Magic "Rally" spell heals the Mute condition.
  • Direct damage magic has been realigned slightly: Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Diaga, Holy, and Flare grow in power faster. Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Pain, and Dia have a lower base damage, making them initially less powerful.
  • Ninjas can now cast the Level 6 spell Death.
  • Temper increases ATK by 25. Zeal increases all character's ATK by 16. Saber increases ATK by 25 and ACC by 30.
  • Dia-family spells now affect the FF4 elemental fiends.
  • Minor tweaks to monsters and a number of weapons and armor. You can now configure the weapons/armor pages to show v1.2 or v1.0 items.
  • Spells cast by monsters now have the correct graphic display.
  • A couple of other miscellaneous display issues have been corrected.

Known Issues in Version 1.200

  • The Hermes' Shoes cast Temper when used, and not Haste. This is fixed in version 2.0.
  • The Equip screen in battle does not display the item quantities clearly.
  • After casting the Comet spell, the castor returns the party lineup, and steps back yet again.

Version 1.0 Improvements over version 0.998

  • Weapons tweaked a bit; rare weapons are generally better, rewarding your forays into the bonus dungeons.
  • Removed the 2000000 experience point cap, allowing for the full development of your characters.
  • Removed the 999 cap for HP and MP! The cap is now 9999, if you can ever get that many Silver and Golden Apples...
  • Reset the cap for Strength, Agility, Intellect, Stamina, and Luck to 255. Previous maximum was 99.
  • Removed the 255 cap for a character's base Hit Rate. Extraordinarily high level Ninjas will appreciate this.
  • Direct Damage spells increase in power much more smoothly now. The nitty gritty: The damage used to increase in a stair-step approach, adding 1 to a multiplier to damage every 10 Intellect points. Now, every 2 Intellect points increases the Intellect multiplier by 1, but damage-wise, each "stair" is less steep to make up for the added "interim stairs".
  • Many White Magic spells have been reordered, which may lead to a couple new surprises.
  • Many high level Black Magic spells are more powerful, especially when the castor's Intellect rises.
  • Elven Balm now behaves as expected in battle.
  • The targeting screens for the Poisona and Warp spells, as well as the items Antidote, Mind Balm and Elven Balm now report their description properly.
  • Blood Tigers reward party with more experience.

Known Issues in Version 1.000

I have found a bug with the Blind spell... it seems to act as a Confuse spell, and when Lich cast it on my group of four White Wizards, the game locked up. I should have an update to fix this in a couple of days. Please be patient. — fixed

The rest of the issues known are simple display issues that have no real bearing on gameplay.

  • When loading a save game from the game menu, that screen only shows three of the digits in their HP/MP (thousands digit is not shown).
  • The quantity of items shown in battle equip screen is not displayed cleanly.
  • After casting the Comet spell, the castor returns the party lineup, and steps back yet again.
  • The graphic for the Haste spell displays when a Clay Golem is casting Temper (as well as a few other slight related anomalies regarding monster's spell graphics).


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Version 0.998 Changelog

Changes to the Character Classes

  • Fighter/Knight has been renamed to Knight/Paladin, and Thief/Ninja has been renamed to Samurai/Ninja.
  • Knight/Paladin is more defensive than offensive. Samurai/Ninja is a lightning fast assault trooper. Monk/Master is ever the unconventional, survivalist type. The White Mage/Wizard is the healer and defensive spellcaster. The Black Mage/Wizard is master of the magical nuke, and the Red Mage/Wizard shows flashes of the defensive spellcasting of the White Mage, the offensive spellcasting of the Black Mage, all while retaining moderate physical prowess.
  • Item proficiencies have subtly changed:
    • Knights and Paladins cannot use most dark weapons, or weapons of cruelty.
    • Samurais use heavier swords than did the Thief. Ninjas cannot use axes. Samurais and Ninjas can use only light armor and cannot use conventional shields.
    • Masters can use some katanas, if that is to your liking. Nunchukas are useful for a bit longer in the game.
    • Black Mages cannot use the best daggers.
    • White Mages and Wizards are proficient with almost all armor, and their hammers have been upgraded a bit.
    • Red Mages now are more limited in their weapon choices, but can use a few more of the armors.
  • All of the classes have at least some magical ability:
    • Knights gain certain level 1-4 White Magic spells, and Paladins can learn up to level 5 White Magic spells.
    • Samurais can learn certain level 1-4 Black Magic spells, and Ninjas extend that up to level 5.
    • Monks learn special level 1-3 spells (might be classified either Black and White), and Masters can learn up to level 4.
    • The Red, White and Black magicians' spell ability is not significantly changed.
  • The experience curve has been modified, making levels harder to attain.
  • Characters gain less HP/MP per level, and have a slightly better chance of increasing stats at level up.
  • Hit rate increases at a different rate, and the rate can increase after class change:
    • Knight: +2/lvl, Paladin: +3/lvl
    • Samurai: +3/lvl, Ninja: +4/lvl
    • Monk: +2/lvl, Master: +2/lvl
    • Red Mage: +2/lvl, Red Wizard: +3/lvl
    • White Mage: +1/lvl, White Wizard: +2/lvl
    • Black Mage: +1/lvl, Black Wizard: +1/lvl
  • Likewise, Magic Defense increases at these rates:
    • Knight: +2/lvl, Paladin: +4/lvl
    • Samurai: +1/lvl, Ninja: +2/lvl
    • Monk: +2/lvl, Master: +3/lvl
    • Red Mage: +3/lvl, Red Wizard: +4/lvl
    • White Mage: +4/lvl, White Wizard: +5/lvl
    • Black Mage: +4/lvl, Black Wizard: +5/lvl

Other modifications to game balance:

  • Many weapons and armor are changed. The game's graphics are exactly the same but the strength and properties of each item has been meticulously re-tooled, and the in-game descriptions have also been changed to match.
  • Some of the spells have changed. For now, you'll just need to play the mod to find out what exactly has changed! The attack spells gain in power significantly as the caster's intellect increases.
  • The hit rate of characters used to have an absolute cap of 255. That cap has been lifted, so characters can normally attack more than eight times.
  • When striking a monster prone to the elemental or racial properties of a weapon, the bonus to attack power has increased from 4 to 25. Use weapons that exploit the weaknesses of your enemy!
  • When striking a monster prone to the elemental or racial properties of a weapon, the bonus to attack power has increased from 4 to 25. Use weapons that exploit the weaknesses of your enemy, especially in the early to mid game!
  • All critical hits gain an additional 50% bonus to attack power (previous bonus was 25%).
  • The Dia spell family is effective against evil and demonic creatures, not just against the undead. Yes, it will even work against Garland and Astos!
  • Monsters are significantly tougher. The farther you go in the game, the more you will realize that they will not go down with a couple of well-placed sword blows.
  • The gold earned from defeating most foes is significantly lowered. You will earn a much greater percentage of your gold by finding treasure chests in the main storyline, so gold management, especially in the early game, is a must.
  • Some of the Soul of Chaos bosses are actually demoted in power a bit to make them possible to defeat, given that you will reach them at a lower level than you would have in vanilla Dawn of Souls.
  • Every monster that you beat may drop an item. As you beat new monsters, make sure you visit the beastiary to see what you might earn with repeated victories!
  • Almost every shop in the game has been tweaked, if even just slightly.

Known Issues in Version 0.998

  • When targeting certain items and spells in the status screen, the description fails to appear in the upper-right box, as is expected.
  • There is an experience cap of 2000000, which is only good for level 82 in my mod. Look for this to be fixed in a later version.
  • The Elven Balm does not act as expected in battle (it acts as the Invis spell). This may prove to be a difficult isuue to fix, please bear with me.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

How do I install it?

The following applies to all releases of the Mod of Balance.

  • First of all, you will need to obtain a clean GBA ROM of Final Fantasy 1: Dawn of Souls. You are on your own for this step, as it is illegal to provide ROMs of copyrighted material. There are sites that do provide this ROM though, and you should be able to obtain it.
  • When you get it, make a backup of it if you would want to play the vanilla version (or, in case I post an updated version of the mod here... I am not going to make version 0.998 to 1.xx patches for my mods, for instance).
  • Download Final Fantasy 1— Mod of Balance.
  • Use the IPS patching program of your choice to apply the .ips patch to the correct ROM. As I use IPS XP to create my patches, I recommend using this program to patch your ROM.
  • Play and enjoy!


  • Huge kudos to Rabite. He's had a ton of great ideas and given me great feedback.
  • Credits and thanks are due to LeviathanMist and Robert August de Meijer for their critical insight and constructive criticism. You helped to raise the bar for this mod.
  • John Dane, MegaFlux, and DesmondRai in particular from GameFAQs have also weighed in, and offered inspiration and good ideas for the version 2.0 update. Thanks to Vertigo 1 for finding the Protera bug. Thank you to Teddy for quickly reporting the Magic Resistance display bug in version 3.3, revision 1.
  • A hacker named Billy tipped me off as to where the Final Fantasy 1 Treasure rewards were found in the ROM. Thank you.
  • Another hacker called Sting Chameleon found the character palette, which provided the impetus for the v3.0, rev 1 release. Awesome work, Sting Chameleon.
  • Also, ZekuMusashi and AramilOfTusmit from GameFAQs provided helpful contructive criticism that made Version 3.2 be what it is. Thank you. With_Knives has also weighed in with some good insight on how the the classes have performed. Thank you all!
  • Thanks to all the fans of the previous version of the Mod of Balance who let me know you enjoyed it.
  • If you'd like to weigh in as well, here's a forum for discussing the FF1 portion of the mod:
  • And this is the companion thread for FF2:

Praise and Feedback for the Mod of Balance

The original FF1 on DoS was pretty easy. Jeff Ludwig decided to step things up a notch and make the "Mod of Balance", a ROM patch that boosts the difficulty of FF1, but adds numerous additions and alterations to both player and enemy characters to create a much more balanced game. It's pretty hard in the initial areas while getting to grips with the heightened miss rate, but evens out around post-promotion, creating quite an amusing experience. While the FF remakes are available on other platforms, this is the only one the Mod of Balance works on, making this entry somewhat of an oddball.

—, Featured [ Link » ]

The Mod of Balance for the Dawn of Souls version (Game Boy Advance remake), which changes things to not only make more sense (no Vox spell for starters) but retains the difficulty from the NES version.

— editor, Mention [ Link » ]

I like your hack of Final Fantasy DOS. It's like, it's everything the game should have been, and more!

— Colin

Wow. Thats all that can be said. I recently broke my back, leaving me with hours upon hours of time to kill. I broke out the old gameboy, and ran through all of the gba remakes i'd bought a year or two ago. While playing ff1, I realized how amazingly easy it was. Did a little search to see if others felt the same way, and found your patch. Man, this "remake" you've created is probably one of the most fun videogame experiences i've ever had. You single handedly increased the enjoyment i got from ff1 from approximatly 10 hours, to hundreds. Cant wait to try out the nuances of different parties, under all of these new parameters. Just want to say thanks. On a personal note, Im american, and these medical bills from the wreck have destroyed me. But at some point, when i get my finances in order, i'd like to hit you up with a donation, if only to help encourage you to rework other classics. I dont know the legality of that.. but i assume it'd be fine as long as it isnt a payment for your patch. Cart before the horse i suppose, but again, thanks for all the work you put in on this, brilliant ideas all around, hope to see more work from you in the future.

— Ryan

I have been playing your mod and have to say that this has surpassed any version of FF1 to date! (including the original) Keep it up!

— Matt

I've been pointed towards this hack by a friend of mine from the FF1 NES board on GameFAQs who has been hacking the NES ROM to balance the game out better. I am in awe of some of the changes you've made so far. I attempted something like this several years ago and was only able to figure out how to hack Garland's Long Sword drop (with help) and to map out the EXP tables. I never really got far with any of this. But this honestly looks like the best hack I've seen for any game. ... Sorry to rant like a fanboy, but well... I am a fanboy of FF1 and seeing a hack of this quality really gets me intrigued. So now I say thank you for your time and effort, and wish you success on your further endeavors into the game.

— Rabite

This is Michael Kiser in Cincy,Ohio and I just wanted to say WoW! Your Difficulty increase Balance is awsome! This is definately the way the Gba version should have been! I own the original gba us version,and the Nes version also... Long live RETRO Gamers! Take care, and thanks for your time! You are a credit to the gaming community,and if I was rich, I'd hire you and alot of others of like mind. The gaming world would never be the same!

— Michael Kiser

Yesterday I stumbled upon news of this mod from, and after trying it out I've been very impressed! Even a fight with a bunch of Goblins and Goblin Guards was exciting, and the fact that everyone can cast magic of some sort was very welcome. Congratulations on producing such a fine mod of a classic game!

— Michael

Thanks for making one of my favorite games of all time even better. The NES game was a few years before my time but i loved the GBA one when it came out, even if it was a bit easy. This gives it a whole new challenge great job man.

— Will

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into all of your mods and hacks Jeff! I felt like I was eight years old playing Final Fantasy 1 for the first time when I played your version of Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls. Your hacks/mods are the most professional I have ever played, Square-Enix would count themselves lucky to have a programmer of your skill.

— Andrew

Hi Jeff! Found your site a couple years back... Played through Dawn of Souls mod v. 1.0... Was hooked the second I saw the new Pain spell... Fanfriggintastic!!! Gonna check out version 2 as soon as I get done typing this up!

I noticed that you posted bunches of tables and notes just recently... Thanks for this! I just threw together a new computer (Wolfdale Celeron system for about a hundred bucks... will do 4ghz! ) capable of emulating the PSP version, and I would like to work on something similar, albeit less extensive. I'm certain your notes will be quite a boon.

Anyway, great site; great mod; thanks again! Peace!

— Keith

Hey Jeff, First I just really want to say I adore what you did for the Final Fantasy games with your mods. Particularly FF1; I've waited years for somebody to step forward and pump up the difficulty on that game to make it like it used to be back in the day, while still remaining technologically "up to date."

— Joshua Grant

I've played 2 or maybe 3 different version fo your FF 1 dawn of souls mod of balance and I gotta say I love it! Most of it to be honest…

— Senaattori

I have played a little bit of your MoB hack, and it is very enjoyable.

— Leviathan Mist, ROM Hacking contributor to Grond's Final Fantasy (NES)

Last week I stumbled upon your rom hacks and I'm loving the remake of Final Fantasy 1. I've toyed around with all sorts of hacks (NES versions), but I feel this is the best I've ever played. It's not stupid hard, nor does it change too many things: it just improves almost all the things I wish were in the original, ha! What I especially like is that it takes longer to level (biggest problem with GBA version) and that the money chests are practically necessary (brilliant!); makes dungeons a lot more interesting.

And I also have a bunch of suggestions, heh, but I won't bother you with them now. I'll first beat the game a second time. Thank you so much for making such a lovely grind! Godspeed!

— Robert August de Meijer, Author at

Wow this is awesome. I've actually used his other stuff, namely his Wizardry 8 mod. Me and this guy have the same ideas when it comes to these games.

I just tried the patch and I gotta say... already it's a lot more challenging. I got guys missing a whole bunch at the beginning, and getting knocked out... which makes sense because I'm level 1. =) Also, I notice money doesn't come as quickly as it used to, so buying a sword or a spell is a big deal now.

I really like how he made White Mages more akin to Clerics in the Dungeons and Dragons games. There was really no need for them to be so "weak" in the vanilla version, since all they could really do was heal. So basically if they weren't healing they weren't doing much fo anything, usually. This mod at least makes them "tanks", which is cool.

I'm also really liking all the abilities he's given Thieves and Monks, so they're more interesting, they can do more than just attack. I agree that there was really no use in calling them Thieves since they couldn't actually "thieve".

Red Mages are even better than before. Their magic has greatly improved, I see.

Black Mages are freakin' monsters now.

Great, great mod.

— John Dane, On version 1.2 [ Link » ]

Wow, this is awesome. Sure, it's not the way I'd have done it to the T, but it's still a whole lot of fun. Thanks Mr. Ludwig for all your hard work. =)

— John Dane, On version 2.0 [ Link » ]

Awesome. Trying it now. Just wanted to say thanks to the creator. Final Fantasy was also the game that cemented my love for the RPG genre…

Excellent job with this patch. This is truly remarkable.

— Flux Mega [ Link » ]

I LOVE this mod. I just finished it recently, I like the new spell compatibilities, and it really forces you to spend wisely in the early game.

— zeromk5 [ Link » ]

Been playing the new mod for a while. It has been great so far! Went through the game a couple of times on version 2.0. It's made the game much more interesting than the original GBA version, undoubtedly. Just downloaded 2.1 and will play to the end a few times for sure. ... The Mod has me playing the game when I was bored with the original.

— TDLeslie80 [ Link » ]

I've been playing this. This game feels a lot more modern with this patch... 10/10. <3 Good Patches

— BattleAxeRX [ Link » ]

This patch is pretty fun! I'm enjoying the level of difficulty. Those bonus dungeon bosses were really difficult the first time around. I think I may be shooting myself in the foot with the level of difficulty right now. I'm currently grinding speed pluses off of Poison Eagles. Not sure how high I want my agility to get but my black mage has 114 AGI at level 54. He was at 39 before I started pumping those roids lol. I probably should've given them to my white mage for more strategic healing. Oh wells, these poison eagles are dropping speed plus like its candy <3

— MikieIJ [ Link » ]

Copyright notice

The content in this portion of the website pertains to "software" known as "Final Fantasy" and "Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls", which is the property of Square Enix. The mod is completely unofficial, and was an amateur fan-made undertaking. I respect the intellectual property of Square Enix, and under no circumstances will I distribute the ROMs for either the NES or the GBA versions of Final Fantasy. The patch available for download is a derivative work and is completely my own. It is offered totally free of charge.